Friday, 12 August 2011

Baby's first year: Developmental milestones

What's happening, month-by-month.... :)

Just wanna share wif u'ols....

During the first year of life your baby responds best to a warm, loving environment. Holding your baby and responding to her cries are essential in building a strong, healthy bond. 

Remember, you can't "spoil" a baby.

Use these guidelines to offer age-appropriate activities for your baby. Click on each month for even more week-by-week developmental information. Remember, these are just guidelines, and a healthy child may achieve a milestone later than average. 

If your child is lagging in several areas, contact your pediatrician for advice.

By the end of month one a baby typically:

    1. Lifts head for short periods of time
    2. Moves head from side to side
    3. Prefers the human face to other shapes
    4. Makes jerky, arm movements
    5. Brings hands to face
    6. Has strong reflex movements
    7. Can focus on items 8 to 12 inches away
    8. May turn towards familiar sounds or voices
    9. Responds to loud sounds
    10. Blinks at bright lights

By the end of month two a baby typically:

    1. Smiles
    2. Tracks objects with his eyes
    3. Makes noises other than crying
    4. May repeat vowel noises, such as "ah" or "ooh

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bulan ramadhan

hmm...dh lama giler nyh x post anything kt my l0vely blog.... susah lah...x baper pandai...dah tu malas nak blaja... hahaha... buka je netbook,terus facebooking.... tu lah keje nye....

well.... ape yg nak di story kan ari nyh ye... hm, try la citer sal bulan ramadhan tahun nyh.... so far, dri awal ramadhan, still dpt pose penuh la lagi.... tapi tahun ni, mmg bnyak byr poser untk tahun lepas....fuhhh...23 hari x poser akibat morning sickness yg terlampau...wahhh....

dah 3 bulan setengah jadi mama nyh... lemaks2 pun l0m dpt di hilangkan lg... harap2 ramadhan ni, dpt le trun sket weight nye nyh.... aduhaaiii... ari2 dok kelek si QiQi pun x trun2 gak....sab0 je lah...

setakat dah 12 hari pose nyh... macam ade la ringan sket...huhuhu...tapi weight nyer tetap maintain lar...huk2x...

hm.... see... ni pixa yg still 64kg... wait2 ha.... will coming d0wn babe.... ;p